Care-A-Van Rider’s Manual

Southeast Senior Services has written the attached 16-page rider’s manual to help seniors and others learn more about its paratransit services. The rider’s manual also includes some rules and responsibilities for riders.

Our goal is to offer you safe, convenient and reliable transportation. If, after reading this booklet, you have questions regarding Care-A-Van service, please phone the Swan Lake Senior Center at 747-8617. Hearing impaired customers may call the same number and communicate via TDD. Copies of this booklet will be made available in Braille and on audio cassette upon request.

* Sitka Care-A-Van Rider’s Manual (FY15)

2 thoughts on “Care-A-Van Rider’s Manual”

    1. The other day you posted a comment on the RIDE website asking about jobs with the RIDE or Care-A-Van services. The best information can be found by contacting Gerry Hope or Sabrina Smith at Sitka Tribe of Alaska for the RIDE or Sandra Koval with Swan Lake Senior Center for the Care-A-Van. They know if there are any openings and can tell you the required qualifications.


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